Our Approach

Networking capability

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A different kind of agency

We think there’s an important distinction between industrialised businesses and digitally empowered, networked ones.

We’re a different kind of agency, here to share how digital business changes the rules of the game.

In the digital world, interaction and connected information flows are essential. Organisations enjoy accelerated success when digital design, brand marketing, technology, service fulfilment and internal processes are aligned so all areas of a business learn from one another. Being aware of stakeholder audiences, their needs and behaviour when they interact with you is how to create meaningful advantage and develop unique points of difference.

As a networked organisation ourselves, we don’t bring big overheads into the way we work. We’re financially independent and free of financial obligations to shareholders. We don’t work on projects like traditional partners either. Our approach is geared to demonstrating to the people we work with how they can do things differently, creating their own sense of agency.

At Visceral Business, we’re keen to inject as much self-reliance as possible into organisations. We see this as vital, because the real impact of digital business design is the ability to use networked knowledge and data to create better and more sustainable business strategy for less cost.

Whatever kinds of assignments we’re involved with, we provide a safe sandbox environment for people to learn about the opportunities of being digital by design through the way we work.

We’re a nimble collection of skilled strategists, enterprise architects, service designers, analysts, researchers, communications specialists and agents of change, available and able to respond with agility. We work in the cloud, always curating work on an ongoing basis as we go.

We very often work remotely, using technology in a number of ways to bring big benefits with minimal disruption to your day to day working processes. There are a number of tried and tested proven approaches we use to make light work out of projects
and that deliver maximum impact.


What people have said about us

Visceral Business were a tremendous partner to work with as we developed our digital strategy.

Their knowledge of brand, organisational culture and digital media was invaluable in helping us to shape our thinking and has had a lasting impact at Macmillan.
— Head of Digital, Macmillan Cancer Support

Visceral Business made us more adaptive.

They helped us developed network capabilities within and across our organisation, and that created economies in the way we do things.
— Senior Health Outcomes Manager, Novartis

Change can be hard. Our prime intention is leaving people with lasting know-how and advantages that they would not have been able to acquire otherwise.

Being digital boils down to code, interaction, linked skills, new capabilities and accessible resources, and being digital by design means those things become an integral and affordable part of an organisation, not just simply implemented by vendors and third parties. We’re here to help you discover that difference.

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