Organisational Development

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Effective organisational development can be challenging. Organisations can be surprisingly resistant, perhaps for good reason. Complex environments also make it very easy to revert to default behaviours and learned habits. Visceral Business has a track record
in making meaningful change happen. It’s the one thing all the projects we work on have in common.


How to change when change is hard

Ask anyone who’s been on the receiving end of more than one change programme, the ultimate challenge is making a lasting difference.

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Understanding the preconditions for organisational development is an essential part of effective change.

Our cultural audits and readiness assessments ensure the work done on organisational development resonates from the start.

They help build a robust approach so digital and data-led change can be sure-footed.

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We offer a wide choice of digital skills training and development workshops.

All are designed to be functional, address specific circumstances and solve practical problems for clients we work with.

If you’re looking to increase the quality of your organisation’s digital leadership, service delivery, social media, or analytics and data management capabilities, why not have a chat with us about the
range of training we provide.

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Our networked approach to organisational development includes community management and moderation, designing for active stakeholder engagement.

We’ve worked with many organisations on community management - from Cafe Direct, to Macmillan Cancer Support and Novartis. We bring over ten years of experience to it, using data-driven insights to create thriving, networked, and ongoing participation.

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Quite often, it’s neither practical nor efficient to experiment with new ways of working when you’re job is mission critical.

We approach Executive Mentoring and Digital Leadership for senior executives with a proven, effective methodology that takes that into account. It enables decision-makers to work safely and iteratively on the problems they have in front of them in a supportive environment, learning as they go with minimal disruption.

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Digital ways of working reframe the way core functions are handled. Beyond individual and group training, we also provide skills development designed to develop capabilities by service function.

What’s missing in your operational skills sets?

We can help provide you with the answers and a provide your teams with a practical and progressive future direction.

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Human Resources is undergoing a revolution and
it brings with it the potential to change entire business models.

We help organisations engage their people to best effect, developing forward-looking management and policy-making, competency frameworks.

We also support networked leadership with new methods of motivating and recognising talent and increasing the impact levels of the workforce.

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Effective digital cultures are immersed in agile working. They’re used to being iterative, responsive and adaptive. But, for many, this means a big shift.

We’ve supported entire organisations transitioning to working this way, giving them the skills and confidence to work out loud and collaborate on strategy-making. And we help evaluate platform options that can support these working practices, developing process and service innovations so that people can work smarter.

Process Design Orange.png

Making the most of digital business design extends to the design of internal workflows and support systems. That phrase, ‘the way we do things around here’ can be signal of a strong culture, but in a rapidly-changing world it can also be a sign of reluctance to change and that can lose you competitive edge.

It’s especially important to be able to innovate effectively and incrementally in the area of process design so that change isn’t disruptive. We can help.

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Governance work covers the design of service agreements, business reporting and management processes. Everybody plays a part in the good governance of an organisation.

We can work with you to assess the governance implications of digital business strategy and management and help you find the right mix of compliance, quality control and cultural best practice to support your company’ business needs and working culture.