Research, Data & Analytics

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Between them, your data research and analytics functions act as the central nervous system for the organisation. They are the functions that power corporate sense-making and responsiveness, much like a spinal cord. Getting deep under the skin of business issues, enabling first class insight, and helping our clients sense and respond to opportunities is at the core of what we do.


Navigating the data trail

When everything we do in the digital realm generates data, strategic advantage comes from unearthing information patterns.

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We created Visceral Business based on the idea that change today is a near-constant state and involves the ability to continually think, act, react and adapt.

How we think about management information and business reporting has to evolve too.

The work we do supports this ultimate use of data that shows an always-on, real-time pulse capable of illustrating how an organisation is responding to conditions in the moment.

It lays the foundation for a data-enabled, dynamic and holistic view of the organisations of tomorrow.

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Our work in stakeholder perception mapping has been able to produce powerful sightlines for decision-makers, helping to reshape the way key audiences relationships are resourced and handled.

Our goal is to develop heightened understanding using a combination of deep dives and data analytics so that we can foster better, and more resonant, stakeholder networks and collaborations. If you’re interested in saving time and costs by getting closer to key influencers, talk to us about how we can help you get results.

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Data management is central to digital practice. It covers everything from how and where data is stored, to the SLA’s in place with partners, knowing what data really matters as well as the full extent of how it can be used.

One of our key strengths as a business partner is the way we can connect digital analytics to high-level decision-making - making data a truly valuable asset class for your business, stripping out information overload, introducing registries and taxonomies and getting to manageable performance methods.

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We see qualitative research as a formative activity in which all involved learn and develop as a result of the experience.

Sometimes it’s not the first response that reveals the most important insights.

Getting to the second, third and fourth layer of truth is always the aim of the qualitative research we do.

And we have a long track record in facilitating qualitative research and focus groups that can probe into and uncover the hidden motivations and values and that make meaningful progress possible.

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Being digital generates a deluge of data. In such circumstances it’s the quality of data that becomes the first and foremost priority. Data hygiene is a crucial element of getting to great analytics but data can be a messy business.

From identifying data maturity to digital business modelling, our data analytics experience can help improve the skills of your people and set them up to deliver long-term value. We work with clients to help them develop powerful data strategies, tools and algorithms for daily management.

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You may or may not know much about Open Data, but it‘s an essential element in value creation as part of an overall data strategy. We’ve been part of the Open Data movement since its inception in 2010 and represent the Open Data Institute as the Node for Cornwall.

All data producers and aggregators have the option to develop their business using a combination of closed, shared and open data. We’ve a mission to help the people we work with understand data in the round. Please get in touch with us if this is on your radar.

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Business strategies don’t happen in a vacuum and our competitive research and analysis helps businesses to understand what sets them apart, how their competitive digital strategy can build advantage and what digital behaviours can be improved and adapted across the user experience.

Providing this insight and blending our marketing, research and digital knowledge enables our clients to make smarter decisions.

If you’re investing in digital technology, this analysis can be a critical component. Let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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As organisations transition from working in silos to collaborating across platforms, data frameworks become all-important.

We’re not just talking about warehousing, we mean streamlining data in an operationally efficient format.

An effective data framework means saved time and increased opportunities right across the whole operational cycle. If that’s on your mind and you need an independent perspective, we can help you.

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Visceral Business built our reputation as an innovative and forward-thinking digital partner initially through our benchmarking reports. The Social Charity Studies, The Connected Housing Index and the Social Food Studies have been recognised trusted, bellweather publications for their entire sectors.

Today, we produce benchmarking reports for clients considering undergoing large-scale digital transition. They help create consistent points of reference, generate buy-in across the organisation, and are invaluable in defining long-term KPIs, and marking progress, annually or on a one-off basis.