Compelling, seamless digital advantage for organisations.

We provide cost-effective, sustainable, digital business
strategies, measurable digital impact and ROI.

What makes us different is how we combine expertise in digital
business design, data strategy, brand communications and change management, as independent and impartial advisors.

Our focus is interaction - developing businesses and brands that
people want to connect to. And our priority is enabling the
people we work with, developing new capabilities and skills
and being digitally innovative in the way we work.

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The work we do falls into four main categories.
Find out more about each one below.

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Digital Strategy

Digital business modelling is crucial to shaping an effective corporate vision and delivering on it. We help clients identify what technology and digital innovation makes possible for them and what digital success might look like.

We can help you question assumptions about existing cost structures, ways of processes and paths to market, and then help you interpret possible outcomes into robust strategies for strategic positioning, service design, delivery and data management.

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Marketing & Communications

In essence, marketing is a contact sport and our marketing support will help generate potent interaction between you and your customers. We design brands so they’re powerful and engaging, by bringing creativity and technical smarts together and by bringing brands to life through dynamic channel and stakeholder participation strategies.

We can develop powerful marketing performance strategies - from creating values frameworks and brand identity design, to social media and SEO.

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Organisational Development

With over two decades of experience in OD design and change management at a global level, we’ve a lot of experience of working with organisations, especially in situations where change is hard.

Getting credible levels of buy-in across any organisation requires deft handling. Our approach is pragmatic and people-centric. Our cultural readiness assessments and proven governance methodologies have transformed organisations. We’ve been credited by our clients with delivering sustainable and long-term cultural impact.

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Research, Data & Analytics

Good data, research and analytics go well beyond management reporting. We deliver insights that create new perspectives and opportunities, working with data in depth to bring it to its full potential.

We’ve been designing data-led business models for over a decade. Our research reports have become definitive benchmarks for entire sectors. We know how to build effective data frameworks and represent the Open Data Institute, (ODI) and are dedicated to delivering excellence in information networks through best in class data management.

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data, communications
and people together
to generate action potential.

If every organisation is different - with its own culture,
operating advantage and USPs - then it makes sense
that your digital strategy should differentiate you too.

As we’re technically neutral and have expertise across brand design,
digital business and data modelling, we can design powerful digital
strategies - using proprietary tools - that play to your strengths. This can develop networked operations for your business that create exceptional value.

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Digital StRategy

Organisational Value

Visceral Business introduced the idea of the quantified organisation back in 2012 and since then, quantifying the organisation has become widely adopted and acknowledged as an emerging backbone of digital practice.

Our ten benchmark studies that included the Connected Housing Index and Social Charities Studies progressed the idea of quantified organisation across sectors and set new metrics in place, such as Cost Per Transcation (CPT) metrics.

Now, we’re going further.

Digital organisations are powered by a complex web of interactions and our Interaction Value Mapping methodolgy maps these and identify exactly how digital activity can build business performance. The specialist skills we have in Quantified Organisation together with Interaction Value Mapping mean we’re an indispensable partner to help businesses identify where they can improve their digital performance and ROI.

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