Case Study

Accord: Digitally Intelligent Stakeholder Management

The Challenge

Accord Housing Group employ over 4,000 people and have an extensive network of private and public sector partner providers, including relationships with over 35 different Local Government Councils. With stakeholder relationships being a crucial factor in housing development and delivery, Visceral Business was asked to conduct stakeholder research to understand and assess the strength of these relationships and the perceptions of over 320 key contacts and provide recommendations for development.

What We Did

Our research was qualitative and quantitative and we assessed favourability towards Accord amongst opinion formers using a wide range of measures. The findings of the research were remarkable. They highlighted a number of resourcing overlaps and gaps and strengths and weaknesses in Accord’s relationship management approach. We identified a series of risk factors and opportunities that meant stakeholder perceptions could be developed to better support Accord’s operating priorities.

The Result

Accord Group adopted a new stakeholder relationship development programme to better align and resource partner management and it became a key function within Accord’s marketing and communications. Key executives adopted a new methodology for ongoing relationship building with key advocates.