Case Study

Torus Group: Mentoring for Digital Leadership and Delivery

The Challenge

Torus Group came together as an amalgamation of Golden Gates Housing and Helena Partnership. It was an opportunity to develop a unified approach to digital delivery, but how could two very different operating cultures come together and agree a common approach? Nasrin Fazal, Head of Digital Delivery for Torus Group, worked with Visceral Business for a year on an intensive mentoring programme to devise an effective approach.

What We Did

We recognised that effective support would come from addressing issues as they arose in real time. Our mentoring programme was divided into four quarterly sprints, on call assistance and an iterative programme that curated findings
and documented the outcomes.

The Result

During the course of the mentoring programme, the direct experience of being able to examine a range of ways to address each issue liberated the delivery team from existing constraints. With low-level intervention and ongoing guidance, Torus were able to think outside the box and lead by innovating in a safe space on a continuous basis. Data development became the core priority across both organisations. New processes and metrics were established to underpin a common approach to decision-making. By the end of the year, Torus saved approximately £400k against existing overheads by lowering the cost of servicing repairs and developing an agreed framework for online delivery.